RAK Story Submission – RAK in the Laundry Mat

I had a long day at our local laundry mat using the giant washer and dryers for my bedspreads. When I walked in, I noticed a very elderly man half bent over, loading his laundry. I felt for him and wondered what his story was. Then he left. Later, his washers stopped and he never returned. Finally, I put his clothes into two dryers and got them drying. The dryers stopped and he still had not returned. So, I folded all his clothes neatly into his baskets. About a half hour later, he came in with a very panicked look on his face. Did he forget about his clothes,and worry that they might be gone? I kept my face into the book I was reading, trying not to stare at him or own up to my Random Act of Kindness. He froze when he saw his clothes neatly folded into his basket. He looked around the room over and over in disbelief. Then with a tear in his eye, he looked up at the sky and loudly said “Thank you Sweet Jesus” and as he walked out of the laundry mat — he wore a big grin and stood a little taller.

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