RAK Submission – Drive Thru Pay It Forward

The coolest thing just happened. I was @ Tim Horton’s getting my morning cup of joe. When I reached the drive thru window the two young workers told me that the person in the car in front of me had paid my tab. I said, “Wow, I wonder if I know her?” They replied, “No, the person in the car in front of her paid her tab.” So, I immediately said, “Well, I am paying for the person in the car behind me.” The two young girls were so excited! They were yelling, “Hey, we have a chain reaction.” I told them I was paying it forward. It was the BEST $3.92 I have ever spent for a cup of coffee b/c it restored a little of my faith in mankind and gave two young girls an opportunity to see adults acting like caring adults! Something quite insignificant to most, has just made my day! Pay if forward today, People!
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