RAK Submission – Kindness Anywhere

A story was submitted verbally to the Kindness Movement and so we thought we’d share below . . .

One of our biggest fans of the Kindness Movement ordered a large quantity of RAK (Random Act of Kindness) Cards to give out to friends and family to encourage them to perform random acts of kindness. One particular woman who received her batch of cards put them in her purse to use whenever she came upon an instance to do so. One day she was shopping around Easter time and she noticed a fellow shopper who was obviously torn about a couple articles of clothing. This shopper was one of those vocal types who decided to ask her other fellow shoppers their opinion about which color they liked better. She explained that she was buying this article of clothing for her mother and knew she’d look great in both colors but just couldn’t decide which one to get. Well, the lady with her batch of RAKĀ  Cards in her purse reached in and grabbed one of those cards and another piece of paper then walked over to the lady and said something to the effect of, “I don’t think you should have to decide. I think you should get both of them. Here’s a coupon that I was going to use myself and it will give you a chance to buy both jackets for your mom for the same price as one. And here’s a card to remind you to pay a random act of kindness forward to someone else when you can.”

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