Here are some Random Act of Kindness ideas, some cost money and many do not: (just remember to leave your card behind so the recipient will be reminded to pay it forward)

  • pay the meal at the drive-thru for the customer behind you
  • make some cookies for your child’s teacher at school
  • cut your neighbor’s lawn
  • take a bag of groceries to a family in need
  • take a coworker out for lunch
  • leave a homemade treat for neighbors or random strangers
  • take your unwanted or slightly used clothes to a homeless shelter
  • volunteer to tutor for special needs children
  • stop by a friend’s house and offer to watch their child(ren) for a few hours to give them a break and let them get out
  • send your friends on a vacation
  • give your unused car to friends who need it
  • anonymously send someone money with only the RAK card accompanying the gift
  • an extra large tip for your server at a restaurant – regardless of service
  • Many, Many more ideas …. we’ll post more ideas soon