This is not a new concept or idea. This is a reawakening and a start to a movement with one basic premise…. One moment of kindness can change the world .

It’s the basic Pay It Forward concept. Someone does a “random act of kindness” for you, then you do a random act of kindness for someone else, then they do it for someone else, and so it goes.

This is not a pitch. A scheme. A bait-and-switch tactic. Or anything like that. There’s no guarantee that this will be successful or far-reaching, but we do know that kindness DOES make a huge, positive difference in people’s lives. And we need more of it in this world.

There are RAK cards (business-card size) that have begun to be circulated. Maybe you’ve received one and you’re wondering what this is all about. The responsibility is now yours to perform a Random Act of Kindness for someone else. If you’re looking for ideas, go to our IDEAS page and you’ll see some great ideas. If you have received or given a RAK card, we would love to hear your STORY.